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You can change the feedback status to In review, Planned, In-progress, Complete, or Answered.


The Planned, In-progress, and Complete feedback will be displayed on the Roadmap page.


Thuan Thuan · 31w · 922

New changelog


I've moved the changelog page from @changelog to @Updote. You can also leave feedback and see our public roadmap there.

Thuan Thuan · 31w · 939

Feedback label


Users can now select a label when leaving feedback. Available labels:

  • Bug: for reporting bugs
  • Question: for asking questions
  • Request: for requesting features


Thuan Thuan · 31w · 989



Users can now leave feedback on your page.

The default homepage is at, and the feedback board is at

If you have a custom domain, the board is at It's a great place to collect your users' feedback and feature requests.


Thuan Thuan · 33w · 1247



Updote will send you notifications when someone comments on your posts. Click on the message icon to view the latest notifications.


Thuan Thuan · 33w · 1241

View count


You can now see the posts' view count.


Thuan Thuan · 33w · 1237

Upload profile picture


If you log in using your Google account, your profile picture will be updated automatically.

You can also visit the Settings page to upload your profile picture.


When you visit your page via your custom domain, the logo and favicon also show your your profile picture instead of Updote's logo.


Thuan Thuan · 34w · 1260

Public forums


You can now have general discussions at @general, and request new features at @FeatureRequests.

Thuan Thuan · 34w · 1241

Add website link


You can now add your website URL to your profile. Just visit the Settings page and update your Website field.


Thuan Thuan · 34w · 1255

Comment inside widgets


Your users can now leave a comment inside your widget. The comments will be displayed right after the posts.


Thuan Thuan · 34w · 1257

SEO-friendly URL


I've updated the post URL to an SEO-friendly format. The post URL is now in the format, e.g.

If you add and verify your custom domain, it'll be

The old URLs will be automatically redirected to the new URL format.

Thuan Thuan · 35w · 1260

Attach an image


You can now attach an image to your post. Just click the image button, select a file, then Post/Save. It'll append the image to your post.


You can also attach an image when commenting.

Thuan Thuan · 35w · 1255

Invite team member by email


You can add an existing user to your account at the profile widget > Team members.

If they haven't registered an account yet, enter their name and email address. Updote will send an invitation email to them. They just need to click on the link to confirm their email.

Thuan Thuan · 35w · 1276



By default, visitors to your custom domain will log in using Updote account. You can add your own login URL which redirects back to your page with an SSO token.


The example flow is like this:

To add a Login URL, visit profile widget > Add to website.

Thuan Thuan · 35w · 1292

Post label


You can now add a label to your post to mark your updates as new, fixed, or improved.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1270

Custom domain update


It's recommended to set up SSO using JWT. When your users visit your changelog page, they'll be automatically logged in using their account from your app.

If you haven't set up SSO yet, they can now log in using their Updote account.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1289

Comments on a post


You can now leave a comment on a post.

  • Comments will be shown in chronological order, from oldest to latest.
  • There are no nested comments yet. You can't comment on a comment.
  • Comments are just posts, with no title.
  • We support markdown in the comments, e.g. you can make it bold, italic, or share code or spoiler.
  • You can change the visibility.
    • By default, your comments are viewable by you and the account owner/managers.
    • You can make it public if you'd like other users to see it too.
  • Comment authors can edit/delete their comments.
  • Account owners/managers can also edit/delete the comments. They can also Pin a comment to the top of the comments list.
  • You can like a comment.
2 Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1316

Register with email


You can now register with an email and password. We will send a confirmation to your email address.

You can also choose to create a temporary account for testing. It doesn't have any email and password, but you can add them later.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1275

Sign up and login with a Google account


You can now sign up and log in with your Google account. We'll get your name, email address, and avatar. You can add a password to your account later.

If you already have an account, visit the Settings page to connect your Google account.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1285

Added buttons to toggle the post title and visibility (Public / Team) when adding posts.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1277

You can now upgrade your account at the profile widget > Upgrade account.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1267

I added a cancel button when editing posts.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1270

You can now add your email address on the Settings page. Updote will send an email to confirm your email address.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1280

Custom domain is available


By default, your page is available at You may want to use a custom domain e.g. which is much more trustworthy and friendly to your users.

You can now visit your Account Settings page and add a custom domain name.

To set it up, add a CNAME record to point your custom domain name to If your DNS management service requires a trailing dot e.g. DNSMadeEasy, use

It will take some time for DNS propagation.

The first time you visit your custom domain, it'll set up a free, automatic SSL certificate within seconds.

Thuan Thuan · 36w · 1282

Callout blocks


Callout blocks are now supported. It's similar to a blockquote but with two letters at the beginning of the message.

  • $$ or ss for success
  • ?? or ii for info
  • !! or ng for warning
  • @@ or er for danger

For example, to add an info callout, use this format:

>?? Add **>??** at the beginning of the message to make an info callout.

Add >?? at the beginning of the message to make an info callout.

Below are examples of normal blockquotes vs callouts:

A short message.

A short success message.

A short info message.

A short warning message.

A short danger message.

A long message

With multiple lines and format.

A success message

With multiple lines and format.

A warning message

With multiple lines and format.

An info message

With multiple lines and format.

A danger message

With multiple lines and format.

Thuan Thuan · 37w · 1274

Footnotes are now supported


Use the following format to add footnote:

Here is a simple footnote[^1]. With some additional text after it.

[^1]: My reference.

Here is a simple footnote1. With some additional text after it.

  1. My reference. 

Thuan Thuan · 37w · 1301

Click on a code snippet to copy its content.

Thuan Thuan · 37w · 1277

SSO using JWT


You can now bring your users to your changelog page with SSO using JWT. Click on your profile widget, then click Add to website to grab your SSO key and instruction to generate SSO token.

Thuan Thuan · 37w · 1303



Hi there,

You can now mention the current user with {{username}}, {{You}}, and {{there}}. @{{username}} becomes @you, {{You}} becomes You, and {{there}} becomes there.

What do you think about this?

Thuan Thuan · 38w · 1270

Add a widget to your website


You can now add a widget to display your public posts (e.g. changelog) on your website.

To do so, add this snippet before the </body> tag on your website:

<script src="" defer></script>

then add data-updote to any link (a tag) to

Thuan Thuan · 38w · 1276

Team management


You can now add team members to your account. Only account owners can add and remove team members.

Team members can view, add, edit, and delete your posts. They can also leave your team on their own.

38w · 1268

July 2023 updates [Part 2]

July 21

  • Add and remove team members
  • Add more settings to new post form.

July 20

  • You can now like other users' posts.

July 19

  • Support spoiler Discord style. ||spoiler text **goes** here|| results in spoiler text goes here
39w · 1340

July 2023 updates [Part 1]

July 17

  • Add user name and bio, which will display on the @profile page
  • Highlight searched keywords in the posts.
  • Always expand the post when visiting via its direct shared link.
  • Allow user to change listing settings (private/unlisted/public)
  • Add pricing table.

July 14

Add users' and posts' visibility. By default, users and posts are unlisted: not indexed by search engines, not listed anywhere.

Private user Unlisted user Public user
Unlisted post Link to post Link to post Link to post
Public post Only me Link to @me Every one

You can share your profile link anywhere, but only posts explicitly made public can be viewed.

The link to unlisted posts will include a hash of time, username, and hashed password, like this:
You can easily revoke all shared links just by changing your password.

July 13

  • Add and change the current password.
  • You can now mention other people like @this.
  • Love a post, make the heart beat for 2 seconds.
  • Added Terms of Service (@terms) and Privacy Policy (@privacy)

July 12

  • Pin/Unpin a post
  • Display as code/text

July 10

  • Collapse a post, store post collapsing state.
  • Search posts using both Javascript and form.
  • Post content supports Markdown (Github Flavored) with emoji 😄

July 7

  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete a post with Title and Content.
  • Copy post content
  • Sort posts by Latest/Oldest, save user preferences.
40w · 1355