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Comments on a post


You can now leave a comment on a post.

  • Comments will be shown in chronological order, from oldest to latest.
  • There are no nested comments yet. You can't comment on a comment.
  • Comments are just posts, with no title.
  • We support markdown in the comments, e.g. you can make it bold, italic, or share code or spoiler.
  • You can change the visibility.
    • By default, your comments are viewable by you and the account owner/managers.
    • You can make it public if you'd like other users to see it too.
  • Comment authors can edit/delete their comments.
  • Account owners/managers can also edit/delete the comments. They can also Pin a comment to the top of the comments list.
  • You can like a comment.
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The comment count will show the total number of comments. However, only public comments are visible.

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