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July 2023 updates [Part 1]

July 17

  • Add user name and bio, which will display on the @profile page
  • Highlight searched keywords in the posts.
  • Always expand the post when visiting via its direct shared link.
  • Allow user to change listing settings (private/unlisted/public)
  • Add pricing table.

July 14

Add users' and posts' visibility. By default, users and posts are unlisted: not indexed by search engines, not listed anywhere.

Private user Unlisted user Public user
Unlisted post Link to post Link to post Link to post
Public post Only me Link to @me Every one

You can share your profile link anywhere, but only posts explicitly made public can be viewed.

The link to unlisted posts will include a hash of time, username, and hashed password, like this:
You can easily revoke all shared links just by changing your password.

July 13

  • Add and change the current password.
  • You can now mention other people like @this.
  • Love a post, make the heart beat for 2 seconds.
  • Added Terms of Service (@terms) and Privacy Policy (@privacy)

July 12

  • Pin/Unpin a post
  • Display as code/text

July 10

  • Collapse a post, store post collapsing state.
  • Search posts using both Javascript and form.
  • Post content supports Markdown (Github Flavored) with emoji 😄

July 7

  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete a post with Title and Content.
  • Copy post content
  • Sort posts by Latest/Oldest, save user preferences.
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