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account_* API updated

Thuan · 1 day ago

A new API function account_secret has been added at https://www.fastcron.com/documentation/api/account

It'll set a secret parameter in your account. When your cronjob runs, the keyword __secret__ in URL, POST data, and HTTP headers will be replaced with it.

You can use it to store some shared password / API key, then pass it to your cronjob URL like this


The data structure of the account has been added and updated at https://www.fastcron.com/documentation/api/data

It'll show your account name, timezone, plan, daily execution limit, team member limit, and plan expiry date. You can click the Test API link on the Profile page, it'll take you to the API call


You can monitor that API call, parse the expiry date, and notify yourself when your account is expiring.

Help Center Single Sign-On

Thuan · 2 days ago

I have added the Sign in with SSO at the Help Center. You can now log in using your FastCron account at support.fastcron.com by clicking the button Continue with SSO. zendesk-sso

The Help link in your profile widget also automatically logs you in to the Help Center.

It's been a year since FastCron switched to Paddle as a merchant of record.

If you have made payments directly on our website via PayPal or FastSpring, you can no longer view or download the invoices.

You can only view the invoices of your payments to Paddle on our website. If it doesn't show up, please check your emails from Paddle to get the invoice link, or contact me.

Auto delete failed cronjobs

Thuan · 8 days ago

You can now make FastCron delete failed cronjobs after 90/365 days. It's useful for a group with a large number of cronjobs, and you'd like to purge failed cronjobs automatically.

To do so, just select Delete failed cronjobs after 90 days when adding/editing a group.

New group actions

Thuan · 12 days ago

3 new group actions have been added:

  • Edit cronjobs: to edit all cronjobs in a group at once
  • Delete cronjobs: delete all cronjobs in a group
  • Delete group & cronjobs: delete a group and its cronjobs.

New API functions

Thuan · 15 days ago

4 new API functions have been added to FastCron:

  • cron_batch_add to add multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_edit to update multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_delete to delete multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_group_edit to update multiple cronjobs in a group at once.

The new function documentation can be found here: https://www.fastcron.com/documentation/api/cron#batch-add-action

It's now recommended to use the API function in the format target_action e.g. cron_add instead of the old format cron.add. However, the old format will be maintained indefinitely for legacy uses.

Also, if you send malformed JSON requests, it'll send back the JSON error.

I also updated the article at https://support.fastcron.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000852331-Set-up-one-time-cronjobs and add sample API functions for setting up one-time cronjobs under a group.

Fully migrate to FastCron

Thuan · 26 days ago

From today, May 08, we'll officially use the name FastCron and the domain name fastcron.com instead of the old brand SetCronJob.

The old API endpoint https://www.setcronjob.com/api will be redirected to the new API endpoint https://www.fastcron.com/api/v1.

If you encounter any problem, please comment below.


If you're having a legacy account plan (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) with the Team option, a new limit of 5 team users has been added.

This means that you can add up to 4 extra team members aside from yourself, the account owner.

If you exceeded the new limit, all existing team members can continue accessing your account as usual. You can also edit an existing user and replace them with another user by changing the email address. However, you won't be able to add new team members.

It's recommended to remove inactive members. FastCron will mark users that haven't logged in for 6 months as inactive.

If you want to add more team members, and the price increase is too steep, please contact me and I'll offer a discount.

Remove old API endpoint

Thuan · 1 month ago

The old API endpoint https://www.setcronjob.com/api will be removed on April 08. After that, we will redirect (HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect) to the new API endpoint.

The new API endpoint is https://www.fastcron.com/api/v1/

Please update your script configuration as soon as possible.

You can now invite/add a team member with a Viewer role.

Viewers have read-only access. They can view cronjobs, but can NOT edit/delete/disable/run them.

This role is available for the Business plan only.

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