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New API functions

Thuan · 15 days ago

4 new API functions have been added to FastCron:

  • cron_batch_add to add multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_edit to update multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_batch_delete to delete multiple cronjobs at once.
  • cron_group_edit to update multiple cronjobs in a group at once.

The new function documentation can be found here: https://www.fastcron.com/documentation/api/cron#batch-add-action

It's now recommended to use the API function in the format target_action e.g. cron_add instead of the old format cron.add. However, the old format will be maintained indefinitely for legacy uses.

Also, if you send malformed JSON requests, it'll send back the JSON error.

I also updated the article at https://support.fastcron.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000852331-Set-up-one-time-cronjobs and add sample API functions for setting up one-time cronjobs under a group.


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