Hi, I'm a website developer. I build @Updote for fun and profit.

Jul 09, 2023 updote.com

Updote makes it easy to share updates, changelog, news, links, and code with your team and users.

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r/startups Feedback friday

  • Company Name: Updote
  • URL: https://www.updote.com/
  • Purpose of Startup and Product: create and share changelog with your team and users. Users can view the updates on a public changelog page (with a custom domain), or on a widget embedded in your web app.
  • Technologies Used: Symfony, MySQL
  • Feedback Requested
    • What tools you're using to share the latest updates with your users?
    • What are the most valuable features that made you choose them?
    • Please check my landing page and tell me why you do or don't want to use it.
  • Seeking Beta-Testers: yes, please
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